What's my story?

I'm an Alabama native, midwest resident. While I spend quite a bit of my time creating illustration and design for interactive projects, I do have many other tricks up my sleeve, like animation, motion graphics, UX and sound editing. I graduated from Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2006 with a BS in Visualization. While I love most things Minnesota, like snow and maple syrup, I draw the line at lutefisk. That will never happen. Nuh uh.   

Looking for my alter-ego?

Once upon a time, in the heyday of the 90's rave era, I was a techno dj, playing events in the midwest, east coast, south and Canada.  Fast forward to now, and I have my own show, beginning Wednesday, June 21 on FNOOB Techno Radio.  Show archives will be posted on Devil Cake Techno site the day after airing.