The Devil Girl logo

In this day and age, DJ's need logos. Or so I told myself, after I was booked to play during the Ladies on Vinyl showcase at the Headspace Collective dome at Even Furthur 2016.  Really, though, it was just an excuse to do a fun project. 

After a few false starts, it became clear that I wasn't going to be able to do the logo justice. "Devil Girl" needed something unique, unlike the sleek-futuristic or gritty-industrial style logos popular with the current crop of DJs. I wanted METAL.  For that, I turned to my friend Josh Decker. He's made some killer logos for metal bands, and does phenomenal art as well.

This was what I told him I wanted: "Evil. But tongue in cheek evil. Like the difference between Army of Darkness vs. Hellraiser, but in logo form... Maybe blood maybe batwings maybe webs... Legible with old English overtones... But. That said, I'm totally open to suggestions"

And boy, did he deliver! Here's the progression to finished logo.



Once Josh put the logo into my grubby little hands, I made business cards and a small web presence. I used a set of vintage retro devil images for the backgrounds and changed the color.  The business cards were printed at Moo. Stickers just might be next. 



And no self-respecting project would be complete without some After Effects motion graphic experimentation.