Zombie Ants

Sometimes nature can be the most bizarre of places. Take for instance the mind control fungus that attacks ants. These strange lifeforms can be found in tropical forests in Asia and South America, as well as in some temperate forests of the USA.  Once an unlucky ant is infected, the fungus sends chemicals to its brain. This causes the ant to change its behavior. It climbs up to a leaf at the right height and with the right humidity levels for optimum fungal growth. Then it clamps down onto the leaf stem. Once this happens, the fungus consumes the ant from the inside, using the energy to create a fruiting body to shower spores on more unsuspecting ants. How fascinating is that?

Very fascinating, that's what. Much more fascinating than some meetings, apparently. I recently came across this old meeting doodle in the archive. I thought it would be great to expand on the idea, maybe make a comic page. In fact, I plan to do a few more comic pages from old doodle ideas, maybe put them together in a book. But for now, here's a look at the Zombie Ants!

The original meeting sketch

The final image

The process